The One and Only Suka Pinakurat™®©

Suka Pinakurat™®© is a Brand Name of an established and
well-loved Blended Spiced Coconut Sap Vinegar from Iligan City.

Suka Pinakurat™®© Variants

Suka Pinakurat™®©

The word “Kurat™®©” is not germane or related to the product “Vinegar”, “and thus was allowed registration by the Intellectual Property Office as a Trademark in favor of Reinard Donn Stuart del Rosario. In 2008, trademark ownership was transferred to Green Gold Gourmet Foods Inc.

Suka Waykurat™®©

Its name came from a Cebuano metaphor meaning “no fear”. It is distinguished from its more popular stablemate, Suka Pinakurat™®©, in that Waykurat™®© has no capsicum content in its spices. It was marketed as an alternative to Suka Pinakurat™®© for consumers who could not stand the heat of Capsicum.

Suka Pinakurat™®©


In 2011 Green Gold Gourmet Foods came out with a variant called Suka Pinakurat™®© Sweetened.

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