Pasalubong – Iligan City, Part II

Originally written by: wanderingbakya

Posted on: October 16, 2017

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Based on an unscientific study I made during my trips to Iligan City, the top three pasalubong from Iligan City are lechon, Cheding’s peanuts, and Pinakurat vinegar. With the lechon an impossibility and Cheding’s peanuts safely stowed in my bag, the only thing left to be purchased was Pinakurat vinegar. According to a Philippine Daily Inquirer article dated February 24, 2008, Pinakurat “is that spicy vinegar made from fermented coconut nectar and spices grown in the farmland of Iligan City and Lanao del Norte”. The same article mentions that “pinakurat” is the Cebuano word for “in a sudden or surprising manner as to shock the person”, which can be attributed to the strong taste of Pinakurat vinegar. Pinakurat vinegar is the brainchild of Iligan restaurateur Rene Jose Stuart del Rosario.

One rainy afternoon I found myself standing in front of a Green Gold Gourmet, the maker of Pinakurat vinegar. Green Gold Gourmet offers not only Pinakurat vinegar but alcoholic drinks and bottled wild boar, all artisanal products proudly made in Iligan City.