Social Responsibility

Green Gold Gourmet’s takes pride in adopting partnerships with underprivileged and perhaps war-torn communities in Iligan City and Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte. It aims to change the lives of the community it deals with by providing sustainable and dignified employment and livelihood opportunities. Green Gold takes pride in providing eco-friendly solutions in its products and manufacture that it not only minimizes its ecological footprint but overall it actually reduces pollution. Green Gold takes pride in creating goodwill for its innovative products, its business and manufacture, and the City which it beloved. Suka Pinakurat has brought Iligan City into the map for the right reasons.


Green Gold Gourmet provides direct employment to the community of Puga-an to 40 employees. It provides indirect employment to 20 bottle washers and 5 spice peelers.


Green Gold Gourmet provides dignified and sustainable livelihood to agricultural workers. It currently has arrangements with 50 landless coconut sap gatherers in Iligan City and in Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte. The stability of demand, the predictability of purchase and payment, and the assurance of a better harvest under the Green Gold Gourmet system has helped alleviate poverty in these underprivileged areas.

Aside from being underprivileged economically, these areas of Lapayan and Kawit in Kauswagan have gained notoriety for having borne the brunt of terrorist atrocities. The spices have been sourced from the most undeveloped corner of Iligan’s hinterland, Panuroganan. Higaonon-Maranao tribesmen who inhabit the area are benefited by the increasing demand for their produce. Bottles and carton boxes are recycled.

This system in turn helps the underground economy where junk is collected by poor individuals. These are processed further into clean bottles and usable carton boxes by other enterprising individuals. Aside for the current livelihood opportunities, Green Gold Gourmet is setting its eyes on other natural produce that it may use in the manufacture of new and innovative food products. The community in Puga-an will be most benefited as it is most proximate to the processing plant.

Eco Friendly


Green Gold Gourmet contributes to the health of the environment by incorporating recycling as part of its business Philosophy. Most of the components of Green Gold’s packaging are made from 100% recycled materials.

Natural Ingredients

The main ingredients of our produce are gathered from nature, most of which needed no cultivation from man. Trees are only bled for their sap, they are not cut. In fact the planting of more trees are encouraged as this would increase the income of the farmers.

Zero Pollution

Green Gold Gourmet relies on its workforce for its manufacture. It does not emit any pollutant in the air and it produces liquid waste only to the level of a normal household. The solid waste created is mostly biodegradable and may be used as compost.