Taste of a good venture

Originally written by: the Go Negosyo team

Posted on: October 15, 2007

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The inclination of Kagayanons for good food is inspired by basic food treats, like Cheding’s Peanuts for starter snacks or popular dips like Suka Pinakurat.

But these successful enterprises, like many others, had arduous beginnings.

Stuart del Rosario, the man behind Suka Pinakurat, initially had a restaurant and a lechon manok business, but these ventures failed, resulting in financial problems.

His financial crisis was compounded by health problems as he underwent a heart bypass operation in 2000. As a result, he had to put up all his possessions for sale to support his medical needs.

After recuperating from the operation, Del Rosario found himself greatly inspired to venture into something that he has always been good at – making dips or sauces.