Pinakurat is coming soon to USA!

Originally written by: Nathan Yap

Posted on: April 2, 2009 at 17:54


In July 2007, Green Gold Gourmet and FBC Worldwide have forged a partnership that will finally bring Pinakurat to the US market! Since their initial meeting, FBC Worldwide has been going through an extensive and complex approval process with the US Federal Department of Agriculture (FDA).

Although it has taken much longer than initially expected, final FDA approval is expected within the next 6 weeks. While the wait for the FDA approval is almost over, FBC has been quite busy in setting up a distribution network for the pending Pinakurat release. So far, they have received applications for distributorship from California, Texas, Hawaii, Illinois, Florida, and New York. If any other distributors are interested, they may go to for more information. Stay tuned for pending announcements, for a new Pinakurat bottle may be available in your local Filipino Food Mart or restaurant!

Green Gold Gourmet (based out of Iligan) is managed and operated by Rendo del Rosario. FBC Worldwide LLC has offices in Houston (led by Nathan Yap) and in Cagayan de Oro (led by Nino Duran).