Pinakurat: Sawsawan ng Bayan

Originally written by: ironchefjabes

Posted on: June 10, 2007 at 6:10AM

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Coming home from one of his business trips to the provinces, Papa brought home a bottle of what looked to be vinegar with a curious name: Pinakurat – Sawsawan ng Bayan. Interesting. It was from Iligan. Up until then the only product of this north-eastern Mindanao city I’d ever encountered was Glenn, my dorm roomie back in highschool hehehe. The vinegar was coconut-based , looked like it was flavored with isdang bagoong (salted fermented anchovies), and it was labelled extra hot.

Just as an aside: for me, if we’re talking about vinegar for Pinoy food it just doesn’t get any better than coconut-based. Throw out the cane vinegar. And please, don’t give me that supermarket-bought battery-acid. Coconut vinegar (paombong, sukang sasa, sukang tuba, what have you) has body, and the sourness is not reminiscent of chemistry-lab acid.