All The Different Filipino Vinegars + How To Use Them

Originally written by: JASPER CASTRO

Posted on: March 12, 2019

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Acid-it’s a taste all Filipinos are well acquainted with but also take for granted. No Filipino kitchen cupboard can exist without vinegar. Adobo is only possible through the magical properties of vinegar. Vinegar, because of its acidity, livens up the flavor, disrupts cloying sweetness, cuts through fat, and may even tenderize meats. Vinegar plays such a big role in our cooking that it’s criminal how we don’t take advantage of the wide variety of kinds of vinegar around the Philippines.

The Philippines, after all, is home to so many diverse fruits and spices. Combine that with innovative, industrious hands and you get all sorts of vinegar that are miles better than your simple, distilled white vinegar. In fact, many of our kinds of vinegar can compete with the famed balsamic vinegar of Italy, apple cider vinegar of America, or the black vinegar of China. The only problem is, we don’t know where and how to get them!