Social Responsibility and Food Safety

Social Responsibility and Food Safety

Green Gold Gourmet is a socially responsible business enterprise. It currently provides employment to 82 workers, fully compliant with our labor laws. Production is done inside an FDA- approved production facility (LTO -3000001170642), with strict quality control and food safety. It also provides economic opportunities for 45 bottle washers, and 36 spice peelers, which are outsourced in favor of the community.

The Company also engages with 105 coconut sap tappers, who traditionally occupy one of the least lucrative industry among the agricultural folks. The Company changed that model as they now earn much more than salaried workers. Supply agreements with Green Gold Gourmet has assured the farmers of a steady market for their produce  and a substantially better life for their families.

In addition to all these, the Company sources its Chilis from the hinterlands of Iligan, Misamis Oriental, Lanao del Norte and Lano del Sur. Some of these being conflict areas which are slowly working its way towards peace.

Solar Roof Panels on the Roof Of the Finished Goods Warehouse

Environmental Responsibility

Green Gold Gourmet has long committed to having environmentally sound product and practice, with the least size of environmental footprint.

Our packaging is made from recycled bottles and carton boxes. The Company has zero air emission, and very limited solid waste and wastewater. Recyclable Solid Waste are sold as scrap, while non-recyclable Solid wastes are used as fertilizer in partner farms. Wastewater is treated by a wastewater treatment facility.

The Company further committed to solar energy and has invested for its warehouse and sales office. However it could not do the same for its factory due to unfavorable conditions with the community. The Community burns its garbage, leaves, and grasses as well as manufacture Coconut Charcoal, which contribute to soot being accumulated in the factory’s roofing.

Farm to Table

To enhance self-sufficiency, further improve quality control, and provide an ideal working environment for the Coconut Sap Tappers, Green Gold Gourmet developed farmlands into PCA model-Farms for coconut sap production. More than 3,000 Hybrid Coconut trees were planted in Upper Calauag, Puga-an Iligan.

A second farm is currently under development, with another 3,000 coconut trees being nurtured at the nursery.