Fat Pauly’s™® Hand – Crafted Ales and Lagers

The Brand “Fat Pauly’s” came from the name of one of its founders Paul “Pauly” C. Stuart del Rosario, who is heavily built. The statue of the boy taking a pee was inspired by the famous Manequin Piss of Belgium, which has an awe-inspiring beer culture.

Paul “Pauly” C. Stuart del Rosario, with the help of his brother Rene Jose “Peppo” C. Stuart del Rosario Jr., began studying beers in 2010. They eventually started homebrewing and bottling their own beers in very small batches on April 16 of that same year. It was not long before friends and family helped introduce the beers to a broader audience. Largely due to the favorable reviews they received, they launched a test sale within Iligan City. This time, the response was even more reassuring. Within the year, FAT PAULY’S officially became the first and only independent beer brand in Mindanao.

FAT PAULY’S quickly earned the attention of craft beer enthusiasts, critics, connoisseurs, and regular drinkers over the Philippines, because of their adventurous (and largely unconventional) takes on beer recipes. However, due to financial constraints, the making the beers had to remain a small operation. Up until 2015, FAT PAULY’S remained in the backburner and could only produce limited qualities despite the growing demand.

On January of 2016, as an effort to further strengthen the brand and grow the business, GREEN GOLD GOURMET FOODS, INC. took over the Brewing Operations.

In 2020, it is projected to open its own Craft Beer Pub in Iligan City, wholly owned and operated by Green Gold Gourmet Foods, Inc.

Fat Pauly’s Hand Crafted Ales and Lagers, more popularly known as “Fat Pauly’s” applied for trademark registration on April 2018 with the Philippine Intellectual Property Office, with Registration Number 4/2018/00505212, under Class 32: Ales; Lagers; Beer-Based Beverages; Beers; Coffee-Flavored Beer; Malt Beer; Porter; Wheat Beer: Stout. Registration for Fat Pauly’s and the mark
was granted September 22, 2019.