Delisario™® Craft Meats and Sausages

Delisario™ is a Brand Name of Craft Meats and Sausages developed by Green Gold Gourmet Foods, Inc. of Iligan City ,on March 21 2017. It is a product of hard research and development by Rene Jose C. Stuart del Rosario Jr., of Iligan City, as guided by the Stuart del Rosario Family.

The word Delisario™ is a brand coined from the words “Deli” and “del Rosario”. Deli stand for Delicatessen, a shop selling specially prepared food. Del Rosario carries part of the family name of the Stuart del Rosario Family.

Taken together, the Brand Name Delisario™ suggests Deli of the Stuart del Rosario Family.

The Brand Name Delisario™ was registered as a trademark on July 6, 2017 with registration Number 4/2017/00004188, Class 29: Meat