IP Infringement

They say Imitation is the best form of flattery. We say that it is true for 5 minutes. After which, it becomes a nuisance.

Filipinos often confuse Registered Brand Names to be that of the Product Itself. Just for reference when we refer to Softdrink, we mention “coke or cokes”; when we talk of toothpaste, we speak “colgeyt; When we want a photocopy, we ”Xerox”. Often Brand Names can be victims of its own popularity, and Suka Pinakurat™© is no stranger to that.

Over the years Suka Pinakurat™© has become so popular that when Filipinos speak of “spiced vinegar”, they speak of “Pinakurat™. This despite spice vinegar having been around  since time immemorial and having local names like Lasa in Iligan, Sinamak in Visayas and Parts of Mindanao, and Inartem na Sili in Ilocandia;

Suka Pinakurat™© has become so popular, by word of mouth, that people try to imitate, or use the trademark in referring to their own spiced vinegar, and creating the impression that it is generic. Majority of the infringement happens in Central to Northern Luzon, who do not speak the Cebuano Dialect.

We, at Green Gold Gourmet Foods, Inc., have been very vigilant in calling the attention of the erring manufacturers, distributors, sellers, resellers, and users of our trademnarks.

More often than not, these infringements are one and done, and quickly fold when confronted. A handful put on stiff resistance but eventually cave into pressure of insurmountable evidence. A few hid behind the anonymity of social media Facebook and online selling platforms, and perform their trade with impunity knowing they are beyond reach of the law.

Only one chose to remain stubborn and slug it out until the very end. This owing to its size and power, being the largest manufacturer of Condiments in the Philippines. Nevertheless, matters were brought to Court and properly addressed.

Blatant Infringement

Every now and then we discover Infringement that leaves us in awe by the sheer magnitude of the violation, or make us smile by the sheer act of stupidity.

Ingenuity used the wrong way. One copied the entire label, and one even had the audacity of putting our product in his label.

Their attention was duly called as soon as we discovered the infringing product, and in a blink of an eye they disappeared into thin air.