Suka Pinakurat™®©
  • Suka Pinakurat™®© is a Brand Name of an established and well-loved Blended Spiced Coconut Sap Vinegar. It was invented by the late Rene Jose B. Stuart del Rosario Sr., of Iligan City, in Iligan City on October 2000.


    The word “Pinakurat™®©” is a derivative from a Cebuano Dialect “Kurat” which means shocked, frightened or surprised. The word “Kurat” is not germane or related to the product “Vinegar”, “and thus was allowed registration by the Intellectual Property Office as a Trademark in favor of Reinard Donn Stuart del Rosario. In 2008, trademark ownership was transferred to Green Gold Gourmet Foods Inc.

  • The Brand Name “Suka Pinakurat™®©” along with its device (The word Suka Pinakurat™®© in stylzed form with a background of two (2) coconut trees in an island. Beneath the word PINAKURAT™®© in a rectangular device is the word Best Sawsawan. The word extra hot and representation of the chilies are located above the word SUKA.) was registered as a trademark with the Intellectual Property office (Philippines) on November 30, 2004, with registration number 4/2004/00011237 under Class 30: Vinegar. The Registration was granted on March 10, 2006.
  • Suka Pinakurat™®© gained so much popularity, respect and love from its ever-expanding consumer base beyond reason,  that the brand Suka Pinakurat™®© has transcended into a “LoveMark”. Not a single amount was spent on advertising and promotion, yet Suka Pinakurat™®© became popular by word of mouth. From an obscure brand made from the humble kitchen of the Stuart del Rosario Family in Iligan City, the Brand Suka Pinakurat™®© has now spread its love nationwide and to all Filipinos across the Globe.
  • This however did not come without cost or consequence, as some consumers got lost in the “word of mouth” translation, and equated blended spiced vinegar as “Pinakurat™®©”.  This blurred the line between the product and the brand for some enterprising persons, who patterned their blended spiced vinegar product with that of Suka Pinakurat™®©. In plenty of instances they wrongfully named their own product “Pinakurat™®©”, or created their own brand and used Pinakurat™®© as a descriptor. Surprisingly 95% of the trademark infringement happens in Central and Northern Luzon where the Cebuano Dialect is not native.


    Green Gold Gourmet is actively enforcing its trademark, and has called the attention of all the offending manufacturers, once discovered. In all instances, except for one, the offending manufacturers eventually respected the trademark.


    The challenge for enforcement is that most of the trademark infringement is being done underground, and only surfaces when posted in social media like Facebook, or advertised through internet based sales platforms such as OLX (now Carousel), Lazada and Shoppee. Majority of infringement is done by selling blended spiced vinegar filled in unlabeled containers, and passing them as “Pinakurat™®©” by word of mouth, social media post, or internet advertisement in a manner reminiscent of multi-level marketing. Having no labels, the manufacturer, address and source of manufacture is unknown. Only pseudo-names in social media or sellers and re-sellers are often seen. Nevertheless, Green Gold Gourmet Foods, Inc., has endeavored to call the attention of all infringing persons, and used their posts for public information.

  • Despite all these infringement, the brand Suka Pinakurat™®© continues to grow organically and has spread its influence and popularity to parts of our country with strong regional bias for local vinegar. It is available in all leading supermarket chains nationwide in 250ml, 375ml, 500ml, and 1000ml recycled bottles.