Suka Pinakurat™®© Vinegar Line


The word “Pinakurat™®©” is a derivative from a Cebuano Dialect “Kurat” which means shocked, frightened or surprised. The word “Kurat” is not germane or related to the product “Vinegar”, “and thus was allowed registration by the Intellectual Property Office as a Trademark in favor of Reinard Donn Stuart del Rosario. In 2008, trademark ownership was transferred to Green Gold Gourmet Foods Inc.


The Brand Name “Suka Pinakurat™®©” along with its device (The word Suka Pinakurat™®© in stylzed form with a background of two (2) coconut trees in an island. Beneath the word PINAKURAT™®© in a rectangular device is the word Best Sawsawan. The word extra hot and representation of the chilies are located above the word SUKA.) was registered as a trademark with the Intellectual Property office (Philippines) on November 30, 2004, with registration number 4/2004/00011237 under Class 30: Vinegar. The Registration was granted on March 10, 2006.