Where It All Began

The Founder

Rene Jose B. Stuart del Rosario labored in developing products previously inexistent in the market. Backed by years of experience in the restaurant and food manufacturing industry, and a natural gift of creativity, Rene was able to create unique products one after the other. His masterpiece, Suka Pinakurat™© was the break that he needed.

It all started in the humble kitchen of the Stuart del Rosario Family in October 2000.

Sales and distribution was being handled by Rene’s wife, Donna. Introducing new and unique products, she initially experienced stiff resistance in having these displayed and sold in retail establishments in the locality. The quality of the products however could not be denied. Satisfied customers simply spread the word and the products itself to friends, family and associates.
After nearly four years the quality and product acceptability was able to define itself.

In the year 2001, Lolo Rene’s products were introduced on a grander scale in Iligan City. Initial public reaction to the products was encouraging. However it was Suka Pinakurat that showed the highest acclaim. Emboldened by the positive market feedbacks, the business sought to market Suka Pinakurat in the mainstream market…..the big grocery stores in Iligan City. However major obstacles stood in the way. The product’s crude appearance brought about by its homemade labels deterred business with most of the retailers. Listing fees and other charges also prohibitive and thus the business had to content with a few believers who allowed display of the products an either consignment or one up one down schemes.

In 2002, the market expanded its reach to Cagayan de Oro (CDO) City in the divisoria fruit stands, airport specialty retail shops and other small scale retail outlets. Delivery and collection visits were made once a month. Product exposure to travelers and to their places of origin was made. Large retailers were approached with the same negative reactions.

Working only with small and micro business retailers, the quality of the product shone and in 2003 caught the eye of the large retailers who previously declined the product. With this leverage, the product gained entry into large retail establishments unburdened with all fees and charges.

The logo of the One and Only Suka Pinakurat

A few concerned businessmen in the Iligan suggested that the labels had to be changed professionally and provided credit terms of “payable when able” for its procurement. All product labels were changed and the effect was very dramatic. The product even became more acceptable then it already was and it was able to overcome one of its major obstacles, its crude appearance. The concerned businessmen were paid in less then a month.

Due to the sudden increase in orders from medium and large retailers for the product, the business was slowly being overwhelmed both in production and in its capitalization for raw materials and inventories. As a result, the workforce increased from three (3) workers in 2003 to twelve (12) in year-end 2004. To resolve the capitalization problem, the business set out a cash and carry policy. All transactions would now have to be paid first before it may be picked up from the factory.

Seeing the light at the end of the long dark tunnel, Lolo Rene proceeded to improve the product’s packaging, and basic manufacturing facility. He then proceeded to organize the business and established Green Gold Gourmet Foods. Sensing that we will soon attract the evil eye, the family then worked on the trademark registration of Suka Pinakurat™, Waykurat™, Kuratsoy™, and Chigar™.